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Sep 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
the month of march. her dna was found in his car. >> this last update air force will make ground in virginia. he will be going to virginia beach and about 30 minutes. he's expected to deliver some campaign addresses at virginia beach. and there is a farm bureau concert and a gop candidate, that running mitt romney will also be on the campaign trial. we will be back. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1cq another one killed by lime scale. how can the dishwasher do its job ? adding finish power up to your detergent brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. >> welcome back. this first city in california, is banning grocery store plastic bags and now, restaurants. this coalition of manufacturers is backing that ban. >> they're signing legislation for standardized tests requiring students to develop other ways to determine students intelligence such as a subject mastery, graduation and intelligence. >> this recent law also includes not alone docks to hunt with hunters not allowi
Sep 25, 2012 7:00am PDT
's happening with the supreme court. they're going to hear a case about west virginia redistricting. also what they're not police need a warrant to take your blood when stopping you for a suspected t y.dui. proposition 8 also in california. as well as the defensive marriage act. we're waiting for any moment now to see which case the supreme court is going to hear next. we could have a decision on same-sex marriage come down by next spring. funding for new jail in san mateo county. the issue has caused a lot of controversy and debate. >> do we spend money on jails or social services? it depends on who you ask. they will take of the vote and about two hours. the vote is about the entire fiscal year for next year. it includes $44 million. the jail is glenn to cost $160 million. there are 300 more inmates than there should be. there are a lot of low level criminals in the jail instead of prisons. the new gajail will be holding more people. there are people that are opposed. they believe that money should be used for social services. we will hear from processed protesters and about an hour. >> derr
Sep 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
in california, one and pennsylvania and another from west virginia. three of the eight have died. the hantavirus cases all have been linked to yosemite. one of the cases originated in a different section of the park. >> public health officials did not feel that it warrants any further investigation or precaution. there are different types of animals. >>darya: let's go to james to get a look at the weather. >>james: it is going to be really comfortable be outside. here's a look at the east bay hills. sunrises morning was around 645 and. here is a look at the weather headlines going forward. the basic story is mild weather. today, partly cloudy with mild conditions inland, same story for the weekend. right now, we are seeing temperatures in the '50s. let's take a look at temperatures specifically. this is what we're looking for this afternoon. as we had further to the east that will warm to the upper 80s and maybe even touch the 90 degree mark. here is the short-term outlook that includes the weekend. saturday and sunday temperatures will drop slightly inland and a little more on a sunday. >>ge
Sep 17, 2012 7:00am PDT
if the president will travel to ohio, york, florida, virginia and wisconsin. >> today the president is launching a new trade enforcement case against china. the action will target chinese subsidies for exports of automobiles and automobile parts. the announcement comes as both campaigns have pushed in china. they have been pushing the issue of china into the economy, pushing it to the forefront of the race. >> a late word from amtrak, a train conductor has spotted a body near the tracks and martinez. the train left jack london square at 5:30 a.m. bound for sacramento. it is not clear if the person was killed by the train or already dead in the train was passing through evidence of the body. it is also unclear when the train will be released. >>mark: one year ago today that a movement began in new york city leading to huge protests a lamination in the world. the occupy moved. physical occupy wall street still relevant? >> on the tougher 17th, 2011, hundreds of processors descended on the american financial center to get off a widespread social movement. the occupy protests spread to dozens of
Sep 19, 2012 7:00am PDT
weather in arlington virginia. 50,000 homes have no power because of the storm they are getting. those roads are barely visible for driver siri if the storms are tearing the eastern seaboard. if it is any damage they will be able to dig their way out of that water. let's take a look at new video in new jersey. they had trees fall on to homes and cars earlier this morning. crews are working there to clean of the damage. >> and the san mateo bridge traffic is not quite as bad as the last time i looked at it. drive times are still higher than what we're used to seeing. the much heavier traffic and we have been used to seeing. highway 24 was down the drive is still backed up into walnut creek and is affecting a ride on a 680 as you head southbound leading over to westbound highway 24. much earlier occurring problems lists all at the caldecott. for your ride on the bay bridge, it is a pretty good backup for 580 reading to the foot of the maze. 880 looks like it should. looking at your ride to the golden gate 101 southbound it is a pretty smooth trip with no delays across the span. drive ti
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5